-----------------------UNDER NEW MUN-SHIP.
"Some believe in love on first s i g h t,
But this is just lust on the first n i g h t.
If it turns into more than that's a l r i g h t,
But right now I don't want your k i s s...
I want your b i t e.
Wanna feel your teeth on my n e c k,
Wanna taste the salt of your s w e a t.
Gonna rock your body all n i g h t,
It's lust at first s i g h t.
The way you're making me h o t,
Don't stop you're hittin the s p o t.
Gonna rock your body all n i g h t;
It's lust at first s i g h t."
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D E L I C I O U S~

 Izaya didn’t quite understand why there was the scent of so much sexual energy in the air and yet it wasn’t making him hungry. It had been so long since he had actually had a meal, it was a simple wonder that his wings hand’t shriveled up and he wasn’t a rotting corpse by now. Then again, he wasn’t exactly human and he could feed just from the energy itself, although that was more of a light snack - a cracker to a bowl of soup.

 ”The humans are more active than ever, but there hasn’t been a single human interesting enough for me to want to dine on them.” Something was wrong with him and he didn’t understand what. He needed to find a properly meal.


Person A of your OTP has a stomachache and Person B is rubbing their stomach in bed next to them to make them feel better. Then they kiss them on the nose once they feel better and they tuck them in and fall asleep. 

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|——Of course we do, little one. If they didn’t why do you think I’m here. As for my name, it is not Incubus, it is Izaya. For the other part of your question, I use sex in order to survive. When my meal has their orgasm, I am fed by their energy being released, that’s why they are tired after. If you’d like, I could show you what I mean.


“Wait so…your name…is the same name…as my…brother? That’s weird…though I guess not too weird since you do look like him…except for the horns…and the tail…and the…abnormally long..tongue…..is it suppose to be that long? Because that’s not natural.”he tilted his head slightly at the other male curiously,”Show me what you mean? You like…you know…I don’t know that sounds like a not so good idea. And I still don’t believe you are a demon. I just think you are um different.”


       |—— I suppose so, yes. We share the name although I do not think it’s all that odd even though I look so much like him. Perhaps we’re all just alternate versions of ourselves that converged in this one spot and point in time.

                My tongue is meant to be that long, this way I can easily lick up their cum without spilling a drop of it. It taste quite interesting. It depends on their diet, of course. For me, my tongue is completely natural. I am an incubus, a demon, so to me, you are unnatural. 

         Honestly! How are you unable to tell that I am not a human being?! Are you actually that dimwitted? I thought that because you at least shared some kind of chromosomes or genus with myself and the others you could at least be as perceptive and smart as them.

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“… And now an Incubus flea…”


|—— How interesting. I didn’t even have to mention what I am, and yet you somehow knew automatically that I am an incubus. While you may have had a stroke of genius there, I highly doubt that you’re completely smart enough to now comprehend the situation you’re in now.

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“And who might you be eh?”

           |—— I’m sure you’re already aware of who I am, I suppose. There are plenty of you running around that I’ve ‘introduced’ myself to. One of them must have mentioned something to you.







don’t you wish such place existed

They would be divided according to fandom. Crossover fics would appear in all the fandoms they reference. The smut section would have red lighting (for red light districts, duh) and the fluff section would have bean bags and stuffed animals. The angst section would be between fluff and smut so you can cope as you choose. There would be divisions according to pairings. Fan art would decorate the walls. There would be special nights for readings. The computers could be used to write fic and reference the original canon. Each fandom section would be decorated according to the corresponding fandom. The staff would wear cosplays from various fandoms.

*sobs quietly because this doesn’t exist*


I don’t think it would be a store. It would be a library. It’s one of the things I love about fandom. We share, recommend, support and thanks to what started as a legal restriction, money is never involved. It’s a community….I should probably mention I’m a librarian. So bias. But otherwise, I would probably spend a good portion of my life in this location.

This is so needed…..

Will there be Wi-Fi?

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            |—— Well, well. What do we have here? A meal brought right before me? How generous!




|—— Well, I’m not going to be one to refuse you. It looks like I’m eating exotic tonight~

“Eating?” He purred, stepping closer with eyes narrowed in curiosity. Yet another one of Izaya’s alternates, but this one appealed to him much more. Instantly, he could tell he wasn’t a humanoid like Psyche nor a Prince like Hibiya. But infact, an incubus. “I’m not some kind of meal, y’know. You could enjoy me any time of the day.” 


                       |—— Of course eating, how else would I have a meal? Although I have to say that the idea of having you for more than just one meal is a tempting offer, perhaps I should take you up on it.

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How I feel when trying to compliment someone via an Ask.
How I feel every time I talk to someone new.
This defines my tumblr experience.


How I feel when trying to compliment someone via an Ask.

How I feel every time I talk to someone new.

This defines my tumblr experience.

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